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I'm not this wild...or am I?

MOSSER DESIGN was started in 1990 by Deni Mosser, when her long-term corporate gig with a national foodservice company closed its interior design department.

“We’d like you to freelance for us” was the word, and she jumped at the chance. A well-respected
Certified Interior Designer, for over 20 years,  she has designed interior environments for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices and residences; and for over 10 years, Web sites for a multitude of businesses and professional designers.

Well-planned interiors and Web sites are not only functional and visually pleasing, they serve as a key marketing tools to position your business in the marketplace.

Experienced  in computers, graphics, typesetting, public relations, advertising and writing, she also has authored Trade Dress Manuals for franchising restaurants.

Whether it's for 3-dimensional interiors, 2-dimensional Web Sites or the printed word, she incorporates thoughtful and  universal design principals in all her work.

 Return-On-Investment with Design?

Absolutely. A well-thought out design considers all aspects of the project. It attempts to solve spatial and functional problems, public image perception, end user comfort and bottom line constraints. Design is not decoration but decoration can be part of  design.

“I like to deliver creative and cost-effective design solutions to help people prosper. Having nearly two decades of experience, I have the knowledge and creative ability to set you apart from your competition.”

A Good Designer is a Good Listener

“No matter who you hire, be sure your designer listens to you. Don’t be afraid to express your point-of-view, your needs, your dreams. Your participation is important to the success of the project.”

“My design strategy begins with an in-depth interview to discuss your interior or web requirements. I want to know what your expectations are, who your target audience is and what your budget and time constraints are. This personalized service results in intelligent design to help your business or Web site function efficiently and project an image that is vital to your success.”

“Whether designing your interiors or your Web site, my work has long-standing value years after its creation.”

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