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Web Site Planning & Design

In a world of DVD, DTV and fiddle-dee-dee ...we draft dynamic content, design dazzling Web sites and demystify cyber  drivel

  • Site Architecture - Based on your organizational needs, we map a structural framework and overall concept for the entire Web site.
  • Domain Search & Registration - We recommend you get a domain name. We perform searches and will register your desired domain name if it’s available.
  • Image & User Interface - Based on your target audience, we establish your Web site’s image and user interface.
  • Page Design & Layout - Incorporating your information, or content we write for you, we design the layout of  each page and determine where text and graphic images are placed. We’ll determine if your layout needs special color or background images, data list icons, custom navigational buttons and internal “jump to” hyperlinks.
  • Advanced Web Features - If  required, we can use advanced web features such as DHTML,  image maps, CGI scripts for interactive forms, Javascript, animation, roll overs, video or sound. 
  • Upload, Test, Search Engine Submittal - After site has been thoroughly tested  and proofread off-line, we upload to your server to critique and test for speed and hyperlink integrity. Graphics may need to have resolution optimized for quicker uploading. Then we submit your site to the major search engines.
  • Administration Set-Up & Hosting - We will host your site on fast, reliable servers. You will have an e-mail account, e-mail forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain aliases, and a host of features, all for one low monthly price.
  • Web Site Promotion & Maintenance - Depending on your desires and requirements, we help you promote your Web site off-line, update its design and/or content, and perform ‘webmaster’ tasks such as answering E-mail regarding the technical workings of your site. How do you know if you need a Web site?
  • In the Web Biz, Content is King
  • Don’t let anyone fool you - Sure, nice layout is important. So are colorful graphics. But if your Web site lacks content, why even have a site? If you’re a good business person but can’t write your way out of a paper bag, allow us to help you. Mosser Design often joint-ventures with copywriters to stamp out ugly Web sites and verbal mediocrity. We can also promote your site online and off with target marketing and send out professionally written press releases to all media.


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