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Web Facts
Do You Need A Web Site?   Benefits   Phases of Web  Design

How do you know if you need a Web Site?

  • When you’re always getting asked, “What’s your Web address?” and you don’t have one.
  • When your competitors have a Web site, you should have one too.
  • When you must promote your business, but don’t have time to do it.
  • When you have information to distribute to alot of people.
  • When you want to tell others about your business, services or organization.
  • When you want to share your expertise with the world
  • When you get excited just thinking about yourself on-the-Web!

What are the benefits of Web Sites?

  • When you can’t afford a four-color brochure, a web site is perfect. They can be as large or as small as you want; and are flexible - - they can be changed quickly.
  • Having a Web site is like being Open for Business 24-hours a day, 365 days per year. You will have a constant presence for your audience to visit.
  • As your business changes, you add services, or even  field offices, your Web site can keep your customers, clients and employees up-to-date.
  • A Web site is an opportunity for you to reach more people in one day than you might have reached through traditional marketing efforts in one year (or more).

The 5 Phases of Web Site Design

1. Information Review

  • We’ll interview you to learn about your business, services, products, your clientele and target Web market.
  • We’ll provide a written agreement for your web site.
  • You provide us with copies of  your promo material and graphics.
  • Note: You can save money by providing us with your essential text on disk.

2. Preliminary Design

  • Domain search and registration.
  • Set up Web hosting. You should already have an ISP.
  • Temporary “announcement” page designed & uploaded
  • Site structure layouts for review
  • Design elements explored

3. Site Development

  • Code written
  • Graphics created, colors selected.
  • Refine, improve, test, navigate on and off-line, check hyperlinks, view on major browsers at various screen resolutions
  • Client approvals along the way...

4. Implementation & Testing

  • Upload finished site to server
  • Navigate site; re-check hyperlinks.
  • Test, test and test again. Validate HTML if needed.
  • Adjust and revise all image/graphics resolutions as needed to assure the site loads quickly.

5. Site Promotion & Maintenance

  • Submittal to major search engines.
  • Off- line site promotion (additional service)
  • If you are pleased with your new Web Site, allow its original designer to keep it fresh and updated for you. A site that changes often is a site that gets visited frequently.


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