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How does an interior designer become a Web designer?
As a means of self-promotion, the  Mosser Design Web site was created in 1997. With a limited budget and alot of time, I learned HTML and coded in Notepad, a simple text editor that comes with Windows. This helped me build my foundation for understanding what makes Web pages work.

After spending hundreds of hours learning about Web graphics, design, layout, HTML, FTP, display resolutions, browser quirks, HREF’s, Anchors, Hyperlinks and various Web-hosting features, I  launched my own site (and what a thrill it was to see my work on the Net!)

My first Web client - After seeing my Web site, The Sherman Design Group in Long Beach, CA requested I create their "web brochure". Rayne Sherman, FIIDA and President of this prominent corporate design firm requested we adapt their existing paper documents to the Web, keeping the look consistent with what they mail to their prospective clients. Also HTML-hand coded, this site was launched in Feb., 1998.

In April, ‘98 we updated the existing National Council for Interior Design Qualification site in Washington, D.C., and designed and uploaded a new Web site for the CCIDC/California Council for Interior Design Certification  a not-for-profit organization in San Marcos, California.

One good project leads to another . . .we’ve since designed more exciting sites for designers, businesses and non-profit organization.
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