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Trade Dress & Maintenance Manuals

We were commissioned in July, 1995 by BAJA FRESH® Mexican Grill Corporate Office to design and author their Trade Dress Manual for distribution to their Franchisees.

What is a Trade Dress Manual? - its a book that protects proprietary design the way a Trademark protects a brand.

The BAJA FRESH® Trade Dress Manual contains a set of written documents and CAD-drawings pertaining to the design and construction of the BAJA FRESH® Mexican Grill restaurants.

As a fast-growing, nationwide restaurant chain and franchisor, they needed a manual to accurately describe how to consistently build a BAJA FRESH® so all the restaurants look alike and to protect those interior and exterior elements which make the BAJA FRESH® image unique and easy to recognize.

The 230+ page manual was developed by MOSSER DESIGN to guide the franchisee, design professionals, general contractor, fixture manufacturer and equipment specialist through some essential steps to build and equip a BAJA FRESH® Mexican Grill. In addition to familiarizing them with the construction and equipment elements contained in each restaurant, the manual helps ensure each new restaurant is being built to the high standards BAJA FRESH® is known for.

BAJA FRESH® Corporate Office is very pleased with the manual we created.

Maintenance Manuals - We can provide you with a custom manual to protect and maintain your interior investment. With information based on manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods we advise how to care for your furnishings, fixtures and finishes.


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